Our Menu

Our menu boasts a mouth-watering selection of ice creams, waffles, churros, milkshakes, smoothies and sundaes. There’s delicious vegan ice cream options too, so everyone can get in on the action (see Our Flavours page for more).

Please note, our menus are seasonal and differ from shop to shop, but here is a general look at what we offer.

Sweet Treats

  • Hot Waffle

    with syrup or Nutella

  • Ice Cream Waffle
    • Cookie Monster

      Cookies ice cream topped with crushed Oreo & chocolate sauce

    • Biscoff Madness

      Speculoos & Double Jersey ice cream, Biscoff sauce & crumbled Biscoff biscuit

    • Mint Choc Melt

      Mint Choc Chip ice cream & chocolate buttons drizzled in chocolate sauce

    • Chocolate Explosion

      Death by Chocolate ice cream, chocolate topping of choice & melted chocolate drizzle

    • Strawberry Split

      Crushed Strawberry ice cream & crumbled flake with strawberry sauce

    • Berry Delight

      Blackcurrant & Cream ice cream with mixed berries drizzled in strawberry sauce

    • Create Your Own

      Hot waffle with a choice of 2 scoops of ice cream & 2 toppings

  • Milkshake

    any flavour Lakes Ice Cream with optional squirty cream and sauce

  • Winter Edition: Churros

    Authentic Spanish churros served with a warm melted chocolate pot
    Small (4 churros), Large (8 churros)

Ice Cream

  • Ice Cream Sundae (Dine in only: 2 scoops, sauce & sprinkles)
  • Single Wafer Cone
  • Double Wafer Cone
  • Single Waffle Cone
  • Double Waffle Cone
  • Single Chocolate Cone
  • Single Scoop Tub
  • Double Scoop Tub


  • Flake
  • Sprinkles
  • Sauce
  • Pouring Chocolate


  • Fruit Smoothie
  • Slush
  • Hot Drinks
  • Deluxe Hot Chocolate (with cream & marshmallows)
  • Cans (Coke, Sprite, etc.)
  • Bottled Water